Our gluten-free adventure


And if gluten-free food were to become the pretence
to discover new flavours?
If love, passion and artisanship were able to make a sacrifice
become an opportunity?
These are the questions that got the ball rolling about 10 years ago.

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Miscele senza glutine

Katrin goes crazy for “ciambelle” made with our Mix

Sincerity&Food is not for everybody.

Our products are gluten-free and “compromise-free”.

They are for those people who are looking for original products, not bad copies of the “glutinous” ones.

For those who read the label before eating. For those who love artisanal food.

Sincerity above all.

Because it is the most sought-after ingredient of the world.

Because it is the basis of healthy eating.

Because it is premise to create a great dialogue between you and us.


Ugo dreams “Ruote al saraceno”

dolci senza glutine

Elisabeth loves “Pasta frolla”

Our gluten-free products.

You can find the Sincerity&Food products on our ecommerce.

If you have any questions about our recipes or ingredients, write us, we will give you all the information you want.

Sincerity Blog.

You and us. Trying not to be predictable, banal and repetitive.

We want to look at things from different angles and with different spirit.

We will take on your and our doubts in front of a supermarket shelf or in front of a mixer. No lessons, a lot of dialogue.

confetture senza glutine

Hoa eats only pizza with tomato.

Contact Us.

In these few web pages we’ve tried to explain who we are and
what we do, but we are happy to give you further information
on any topic that you want.

Write or call us. We’ll answer all your requests and questions that you want to ask and will happily listen to any suggestions to get better.

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