Gluten-free products for your customer

Gluten-free that is good for everybody. Especially for your business.


Why shouldn’t a person who has to eat gluten-free be able to have this possibility? Suggest it with “compromise-free” quality and flavour and it will make the difference.

For your clients and you.

A quick lunch break? A fast snack? They beauty of being free to decide.

Why are we talking about breakfast and fast breaks?


  • Because they are some of the situations with few solutions for those who want to or have to follow a special diet.
  • Because they are key when deciding on a café or a hotel.
  • Because they are the opportunity to stand out from the usual gluten-free products that have cornered and standardized the market.
  • Because in light of a small investment, demand can be multiplied.

Let’s think about something that apparently (only apparently) has little to do with it.


It is estimated that Google receives about 2 million requests every minute.
Facebook publishes about 41,000 posts every second.
An average of 204 million e-mails are sent every minute.
And so on.

What does all this have to do with offering a tasty, artisanal alternative to those who want to follow a special diet? A lot.

Think about what happens when a mother gushes on social media about having had breakfast in a café or hotel and how, for the first time, her celiac daughter was happy. She actually felt “special”. The product made for her was good, lovely and healthy. So much so, that she wanted to suggest it to everybody. Really everybody.

The positive rumour mill starts like this, it will pass from mother to mother and expand quickly and attract new clients.
Only celiacs? No, even relatives, friends, curious people…

We have decided to be democratic (for real).


3 savoury products and 3 sweet products.
6 items chosen to satisfy different needs. Here they are:


    Tasty, gluten-, lactose- and egg-free biscuits, with buckwheat and hazelnuts.
    Crunchy, gluten-free, chocolate biscuits to dunk in your morning coffee or for an energy break, even for the most insatiable children.
    A rich, gluten-free, short pastry biscuit made with first choice butter alongside the energy from almonds for a healthy, sweet snack.
    Fragrant, gluten- and lactose-free breadsticks with tasty, sesame and poppy seeds to be enjoyed with salads or as a snack.
    Fragrant and crispy, gluten- and lactose-free croutons with olive oil to be enjoyed with salads and soups.
    Classical “taralli” in an innovative, gluten-, lactose- and egg-free version, fragrant and made with olive oil.

We will help you spread the news.


We know that it’s useless to offer something special if others don’t know about it. We thought of giving you a hand in this respect and have designed some small object that can tell your clients: “Oh, this is great. At last.””.


  • Crowner. Easy to supply and small in size, the practical counter display allows you to offer your clients the Sincerity&Food range of products.
  • Sottobicchiere. A fast and easy gadget which will double as a business card to recall the Sincerity&Food products and your place
  • Flyer menu. A simple memo that can be added to your menu to give more information about these gluten-free products. We are doing this for you.


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