Code of ethics

The sincerity code of ethics.


Sincerity&Food is the result of a “domestic” idea about food and the love of the person who prepares it.


Sincerity & Food is the result of wanting to be sincere and offer food made to be enjoyed by whoever eats it and not giving in to a physiological state. Food for a sincere gesture of satisfying a culinary taste.



Our food is not “free” of something (gluten-, GMO- or lactose-free), nor does it have something extra (organic, DOP – protected designation of origin, etc.). Sincerity&Food products are sincerely good.


During our journey we asked ourselves what the essence of food was, its meaning. We wanted to go beyond its characteristics of quality or nutrition and consider all the rest as well.


Why limit food to a list characteristics that satisfy one requirement or need? Nourishing oneself is not only a question of need.



For Sincerity&Food, quality is synonymous with sincerity.



We have freely chosen to implement this code of ethics because, for us, respect for the law, for guaranteeing and protecting public health is obvious. It is a given to work in conformity with and in protection of human and environmental rights.


We have neither suppliers nor clients. We share the creation and production phases with partners and select people who, through their passion for work, guarantee and satisfy shared principles.


Gluten-free, Made in Italy, transparent labelling, artisanry, research, sharing, protection.


From the structure of the company all the way down to the relationship with consumers, we are committed to knowing and respecting them all.