Who are we targeting? Those who choose a healthy diet.

Those who are tired of having to take a stand, when it come to food, that isn’t the healthy, authentic and sincere food.

Deciding how to eat has become a status symbol, something that identifies, divides and brings together. We want start here because we think that sharing, even only a biscuit, with everyone makes life better.


Those who really want to discover all that is good about food, forgetting barriers and sacrifice.

Eliminating, willingingly or not, some ingredients from your diets means making choices. These choices often become sacrifices because the products aren’t satisfying, neither in look nor in taste.

So we thought of coloured boxes because even choosing has to be beautiful. And we put our best recipes inside, something that will not disappoint.


Those who love exploring different flavours, discovering new ingredients and tastes and doubting their habits.

Pearl millet and buckwheat in biscuits, fennel in breadsticks, licorice in jam. We try to make this change an opportunity to discover something new.

Sincerity&Food a chi ci rivolgiamo
Sincerity&Food target

Those who believe in the value of people who work competently and lovingly and want to trust them.

To make a project come to life, you have to collaborate and bring together the expertise of who really knows what to do. This is how we choose the artisans for our production, the chefs for culinary suggestions, the technicians for norm conformity.


Those who think “Made in Italy” is a real commitment towards the territory and the artisanal history of the country.

Made in Italy shouldn’t only be a nice inscription on a box. Our products are conceived and made in Italy with a preference for Italian raw materials because we believe that, when it comes to food, our territory real has that extra touch.


Those who want to participate in our adventure.

Our website and blog work if they become a place for your suggestions, critiques and also (when we deserve it) some positive comments.


Those who think food must be joy, life and health.

Because healthy eating doesn’t depend only on the organoleptic features of the food. It doesn’t depend only on strict rules. But it also depends on the pleasure of eating with other people and sharing the feelings that come from good food.