Our gluten-free story

My name is Roberta and, 10 years ago, I discovered that I am a celiac.

Roberta Prandoni

I remember it well because in that same period I made another discovery: I was pregnant with my first daughter. Right from the get-go my passion for cooking gave me the energy that was necessary to make this sacrifice become an opportunity.

I did not want to get used to eating second-class food.
I did not want to stop at what was on the market that wasn’t satisfying. So I started wondering:


“Are there products that are good for everybody?

Are there products made with quality raw materials?

Are there original products that offer new flavours instead of the bad copy of what I can’t eat?

And if the gluten-free products had something extra instead being without something?”


I was not willing to settle for industrialized products, their anonymous flavours and their incomprehensible recipes.
Therefore, I started comparing stories with other people following a gluten-free diet, reading blogs and taking specific courses.

I experimented a lot.


I used raw materials I had never used before. I made batters and doughs of unheard of consistencies without ever giving up in the face of huge failures. In the meantime I met professionals who had specialized in gluten-free food a long time ago. And, slowly, from that moment on, things started to change. I started collaborating with some of them to translate my cooking successes into recipes that could work at a more evolved artisanal production level. My friends, acquaintances and relatives ordered the products that I made…


Surprisingly, I also started receiving requests from people who had no problems with gluten simply because they appreciated the originality and flavour of what they tasted.

This is where it all started: from the desire to be able to share my passion with others, from the certainty that there could be food that is beautiful, good, healthy, original and, naturally gluten-free.

il team Sincerity&Food

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In the beginning, there was a restoration architect and two university graduates: philosophy and economics and commerce. In common: their passion for food, each coming from different angles.

For me food equals raw materials, leavened doughs, pastry. It may be a coincidence, but, since I can remember, I have always been obsessed by food labels: what’s in the product, who makes it, where it’s made…

A trip is not a trip if I don’t taste a typical dish and figure out the recipe.

For Nicola and Andrea, food also means the oven turned on in winter, long talks with friends, their passion for an honest handshake.

Our adventure started like this, around a table, dinner after dinner, laugh after laugh.

A lot of marketing and communication in our past made us want to do a bit of soul searching and to shorten the distance between work and passion. We thought, “Let’s do for ourselves what we’ve done for our clients for a long time”

We are not alone, there is everybody else who collaborates, day after day: chefs, technicians, pastry chefs, foodies and you.