Sincerity is the basis of all our gluten-free recipes.

The sincerity of the raw materials we choose.

Genuine raw materials are for us those that set themselves apart because they have that extra something. We choose the ones that fit in best with our production processes, but that also give the product a special texture or flavour. We love different flavours that surprise us and teach us something new. We ingredients that have a story to tell.

Otherwise, where’s the fun?

The sincerity of our recipes.

We like to think that anybody who eats our products knows exactly what they are eating. Goodness is simple, honest and doesn’t need to hide behind difficult names. No preservatives, very few additives and exclusively natural in origin. This is how we conceive all our gluten-free recipes. There has to be room for the flavour of the raw materials.

Sincerity in the originality that we are looking for.

We are happy when a recipe is invented. We like the phase in which we experiment with the dough, we take risks with the combinations, we evaluate a texture, we discover a flavour.

Because each one of us has an ideal biscuit, the one we want to eat.

Help us discover which is your favourite biscuit.

La sincerità prima di tutto


La sincerità è alla base delle nostre ricette senza glutine

Sincerity in telling you about our adventure.

Sometimes it takes courage to start a new adventure. It’s true. But we are making a lot of discoveries and we are meeting a lot of amazing people.

We believe that a project is like a recipe: every ingredient must do its share and enhance each other’s flavours.

We have created a network of small producers which, like us and with us, share our passion and our and drive to do business.

This is Sincerity&Food. Different people, professionals, places which think that together we can make something better.

Our journey, from concept, to production and communication must transform into the best product possible. We’re sure it’s worth it.

Our sincerity for you.

We really want to be sincere with you by telling you about our business and answering any questions you may have.

And we know that if we don’t do it, you will call us to order.

Sincerity is the Made in Italy that we believe in.

We are committed to producing and selecting Italian food because Sincerity&Food is an Italian project and proud of it.

Our Made in Italy, before being the inscription on a label, is a commitment that we want to take on with great consistency.

It’s the one ingredient that is always present, in every gluten-free recipe.